Artist's Statement & Biography


One of the fundamental ways artists seek to communicate with the world is through manifesting and symbolizing their inner life. This inner life is a reflection of a larger Self whose ultimate nature is said to exist beyond the limits of phenomenal reality. In meditation, we integrate these two spheres, and the practice of Sahaja meditation inside and outside of the studio is my strategy for accessing this hidden source.

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for this integration, the state of non-duality in which an individual discovers his or her place within the Self.  Spontaneous imagination is a reflex of the Self that the yogic artist guides toward expression.  My paintings trace this process: inscriptions of a resonance with the Self.



2012 - 2014  - University of Calgary MFA   

1994 - BFA University of Waterloo, Honours



2013 - Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

2013 - Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate scholarship

2013 - Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship

2005 - Scholarship New York Academy of Art, MFA program 

1997 - City of Kitchener Artist in Residence

1990 - Winner, U of W Fine Arts Entrance Scholarship Contest



2014 - Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary AB

2014 - Little Gallery, University of Calgary

2013 - Little Gallery, University of Calgary

2012 - Wunder Gallery, University of Calgary

2008 - 2010 - Artpoint (co-operative) Gallery, Calgary AB

2007 - 2008 - Zwicker Gallery Halifax NS

2004 - Art Detour, (co-operative) Toronto ON

2002 - Solo exhibition, Kor Gallery (community), Kitchener ON

1999 - Solo exhibition, Button Factory/Waterloo community Art Centre, (community), Waterloo ON

1999 - Group exhibition, Kor Gallery, (community) Kitchener ON

1997 - Artist residency, Reflecting Studio, City Hall Kitchener, ON

1997 - Solo exhibition, Button Factory/Waterloo community Art Centre, (community), ON

1996 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

1994 - MFA exhibition, KWAG, Kitchener, ON


Selected Collections

Allan Markin

Brenda Hagey

City of Kitchener

Clarica Insurance

Douglas Dubrick

Economical Insurance

Home Hardware

John A Pollack

Ken Murray

Kitchener Waterloo Record

Kuntz Electroplating

Lawrence Bingeman

M.R. Good Family

Marsland Centre Inc.

Michael Barnstijn & Louise MacCallum

Ormston Holdings

Richard Sigurdson & Cheryl Dueck

Schneider Foods

Sir C. P. & Nirmala Srivastava

St. Joseph's Hospital, London

St. Mary's Hospital, Kitchener

St. Mary's University College

Sun Life Financial

 Vectra Canada