William is now represented by Christine Klassen in Calgary: Inaugural show on now until April 18 2015 by william downey

I am now represented by one of Calgary's finest contemporary galleries, and probably the best looking commercial space in the city.  Christine and her creative director James McIntyre have renovated a space on 50th Ave in the South west which is worth visiting for the interior design alone.  Great combination of long sight lines, intimate spaces, private corners and open spaces, the main space is divided into to four bays that work like smaller spaces within the space, like little interiors. The main divide creates an interrupted hallway, and the perimeter of the main space also provides hallways with more intimate sight lines and quite zones for strolling around the space.  This allows a huge amount of work to be displayed on the walls while leaving individual pieces lots of room to breathe.  The staff is great too! cute pugs that you can feed treats to, really good coffee, and Christine is probably the least pretentious gallery owner this artist has ever rubbed shoulders with.  If you come down before April 18th some of my favourite work is one the walls, and prices are very similar to what the work sold for out of my studio.  CK has started me out with pretty aggressive pricing so at least for now, the paintings are a bit of a bargain.

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